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Phencyclidine (PCP) Effects:

Hazards & Extent of Use:

​​​​​​​​​​​PCP is one of the respective drugs that are called a hallucinogen. Also, it works as stimulation, a painkiller, or an anesthetic, relying on how much is taken. The name Phencyclidine has a short form that is PCP of the chemical name. Some market names for PCP are Angel Dust, Supergrasses, and Rocket Fuel.

What is the antidote for PCP?

It is still an unknown antidote for PCP exactly.  PCP contains various effects on various people. It causes some people to feel pleasure and others to feel nothing but anxiety and hysteria. Occasionally this panic shows damaging behavior. Some people have signs like feeling things that aren’t true (illusions), seeing things that aren’t true hallucinations, and feeling like someone is out to get them paranoia. Various Users feel various disjoined​from their surroundings and themselves.

How is PCP used?

It comes in a powder form, it’s groaned. Also, it is available in liquid form that is used by injecting. As a tablet or capsule, it’s consumed. The powder form is used by mixing with tobacco, cannabis, and dried parsley, and then smoking.

How common is PCP in the UK?

It is most commonly used in the US, and especially women prefer this more.  This drug can cause women infertility because humans are taking this drug at their age of fertility.

What is the price of PCP?

When we talk about the price this drug contains different price ranges because it comes in various forms such as liquid tablet capsules and fodder so it preferred various price ranges.  But on this website, We are offering powder so we are offering an affordable price range. For all those people who are suffering from severe kinds of pain disorders, this medication is highly beneficial for them.  So you can buy it easily from stores in high quality.


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