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Cambodian magic mushrooms sit high in the rank in giving a wonderful philosophical trip and visuals. Users who are experienced and who have already tripled several times with magic mushrooms will find it very great for a psychedelic trip. To enjoy the finest trip, buy Cambodian mushrooms online now! John Allen first harvested Cambodian Cubensis while filming some of the psilocybe mushrooms in Cambodia. Although Cambodian shrooms are not the strongest magic mushrooms, these shrooms will provide you with an unforgettable journey and an intense trip.

Cambodian Cubensis: Growing, Effects, Potency, and Legality

These shrooms are well suited for a 2nd or 3rd trip on psychedelic mushrooms. They are moderately potent but can induce consumers into the magical world of tripping subtly.  These psychedelic mushrooms are easy to grow which is why they are perfect for beginners who want to try their luck in gardening.

Effects Of Cambodian Magic Mushrooms:

The effects and a trip provided by Cambodian magic mushrooms fit the desires of an average mushroom user. If you have already met the world of hallucinogens once before, you will find Cambodian shrooms ideal as a stepping stone. These shrooms will give you the most beautiful visual effects. You will find sounds, colors, and views of life very different during your trip.

Following are the top effects of the Cambodian magic mushrooms trip:

  • Voice and sounds are heard differently
  • A different experience of colors
  • You will lose the sense of time for a short time
  • Difficulty in correctly pronouncing words and sentences.
  • Sometimes not know that you are standing, sitting, or lying at that instant.
  • Feeling a new outlook on life

On average, Cambodian magic mushrooms are moderately potent but still, we suggest you prepare well before starting a trip.


Although Cambodian Cubensis and other psilocybin mushrooms are prohibited in Cambodia at the federal level they grow all over Cambodia and are ignored by legal authorities in many parts of the country.

Dosage Directions:
  • For micro-dosing, 0.2 grams of dried mushrooms are suggested. If you are using fresh mushrooms, then take 2 grams.
  • For a mild trip, 9 grams of fresh mushrooms or 1 gram of dried mushrooms will be enough.
  • If you want a normal trip, take 2 grams of dried shrooms or 21 grams of fresh shrooms.
  • For an intense trip, make the dosage quantity 3.5 grams for dried shrooms or 35 grams for fresh shrooms.

Where To Buy Cambodian Shrooms strain Near Me:

Growing Cambodian magic mushrooms is quite easy but that doesn’t mean everyone has the interest or time to grow magic mushrooms all by themselves. Plus, no one will want an enormous and continuous supply of a single mushroom strain. For beginners who are not sure yet if they will like consuming magic mushrooms, for those who like trying different magic mushroom strains, or for occasional psilocybe mushroom users who don’t have much spare time, buying a few doses is a good option. For convenience, buy Cambodian shrooms online only from “Psychetriper” at a reasonable price with the fastest delivery service.

Purchase Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Magic Mushrooms Online UK

This strain is an excellent magic mushroom strain from Angkor Wat. It is a fast colonizer and produces eye-catching fruits. Buy this potent strain and enjoy a dreamy trip. Also, Check to buy COSTA RICAN MAGIC MUSHROOM.


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