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Melmac Magic mushroom

If you’re searching for a reliable source to order Melmac magic mushrooms, then look no further than our website. These shrooms can take your experience to new heights you never thought possible. You can easily buy Melmac magic mushrooms online from us.

Melmac mushrooms are a unique strain that mycologists created through years of selective breeding in a laboratory. They were not genetically modified. These mushrooms have a distinctive appearance, with thick and tangled fungi that turn blue when touched. They are available for purchase.

Melmac mushrooms are a variation of the popular Penis Envy mushrooms, and some people argue that they are more similar to the original PE mushrooms introduced to mycologists in the 1970s. However, there is still some debate about this. This mushrooms are also known as “Homestead Penis Envy” or “Melmac Penis Envy” mushrooms. PE mushrooms are famous for their unique curved shape and irregular growth patterns. Despite its irregular appearance, the strain has all the benefits you would expect from the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.

Melmac PE Mushroom: Effects, Potency & More:

This is a unique variety of Cubensis mushrooms, commonly known as Magic Mushrooms. Steven Pollock created it through a combination of the Amazonian Cubensis from Terrance McKenna. Although it’s still unknown where Penis Envy comes from, it’s believed to have powerful effects.


It’s important to note that Melmac mushrooms can be very potent, just like other psilocybin mushrooms. Everyone’s experience with mushrooms is unique, and factors such as physical characteristics and setting can also affect the experience. It’s recommended to start with a low dose and go slow, especially if you have limited experience with psychedelics.

A microdose is between 0.01 and 0.5 grams of dried mushrooms and may produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria without a whole psychedelic experience. A light dose is typically between 0.5 and 2 grams and can create a more intense experience. This is sometimes called a creative dose, as communication with the world is still possible while having an intense experience. Melmac magic mushrooms are available for sale.


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3 reviews for Melmac magic mushroom

  1. Maximus Hendrix

    Great product and fast delivery as usual!

  2. Jax R

    2DD high quality would recommend

  3. Mallory S

    Just got mine through the post. Very quick. Will definitely order from website again.

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