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Buy Microdose Psilocybin Capsules DÖSE envisions a world in which people are empowered to discover themselves through nature, medicinal plants, and modern science all within the palm of their own hands. Through cutting-edge psychedelic-assisted supplements, DÖSE is dedicated to delivering products for those wanting lasting physical, mental, and emotional health — centered around safe, evidence-based research. DÖSE MICRO is formulated to provide a clean and subtle psilocybin Microdosing experience. Ideal for individuals who are new to Microdosing or have sensitivities to higher doses – this formulation contains only premium quality Golden Teacher mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis) and Organic Peppermint in a compact 120mg capsule dose makes for the perfect introduction. Order Microdose Psilocybin Capsules

Recommended use:

Promotes increased positivity in mood, creativity, sociability, and flow states.

Ingrédients :
  • Psilocybe cubensis (Golden Teacher) – 60mg
  • Organic Peppermint – 60mg

Order Microdose Psilocybin Capsules online

Product Highlights:
  • Low dose non-psychoactive formula is ideal for beginners or those with sensitivity to higher doses
  • Organic Peppermint not only mitigates headaches and migraines through its anti-inflammatory properties but is also a natural remedy for indigestion, nausea, and upset stomach, which are potential side effects when ingesting raw magic mushrooms.
  • Harvested from fruiting bodies of the psilocybin mushroom. No added fillers such as starch, grains, or mycelium
  • Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly + Gluten Free
  • 120mg capsule
  • 25 capsules per pouch

Formula Benefits: One of the psilocybin’s main effects is to stimulate a serotonin receptor called the “5-HT2A” located in the prefrontal cortex, which leads to two important results:

  • The production of “Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor” (BDNF). BDNF stimulates growth, connections, and activity.
  • The increased transmission of “Glutamate,” a neurotransmitter responsible (in part) for important brain functions such as cognition, learning, and memory.

Microdosing Benefits:

Benefits may include increased consciousness, creativity, and decreased social anxiety or depression. Promotes neurological and mitochondrial function improvements including focus, memory, energy, muscle regeneration, and brain health. Each Sachet contains 25 capsules. Each capsule is 120mg (60mg of Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher), and 60mg of Organic Peppermint).


120mg 25 capsule, 120mg 50 capsule


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