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What is NN DMT 

NN DMT is a naturally occurring molecule in various plants and animals. Extensive research has shown that this unique compound has promising effects on human consciousness. When used in isolation and under abusive circumstances, DMT can induce powerful hallucinogenic effects that are comparable to those caused by LSD and magic mushrooms. DMT is sometimes referred to as Dimitri. It is essential to be mindful of the potential dangers and negative consequences associated with DMT usage. Understanding these risks can help prevent possible harm and ensure a safe experience. It’s crucial to proceed cautiously and educate yourself about its potential consequences.


2 Grams, 4 Grams, 8 Grams, 20 grams

8 reviews for NN DMT

  1. Zachary Kaiden

    Fast delivery and good stuff! I will buy again.

  2. S . G

    Great stuff as always

  3. Omar K

    Great product as always. Will be back.

  4. Kash R

    Very quick. Yet to have tried it but looks all good!

  5. Remington Z

    These look legit although I’m yet to try, thank you

  6. Colt M

    Very good DMT, speedy delivery. Thank you

  7. Javier

    Good stealth, legit product

  8. Jeremy H

    Look and smell legit although I’ve not tried yet

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