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The Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms is a substantial variety of Cubensis mushrooms. It knows as Magic Mushrooms. Also, it comes from Steven Pollock.

Likewise, it is produced by the unusual combination of the Amazonian Cubensis from Terrance McKenna.

It is still unknown where it belongs but it comes in a wide variety.

Penis Envy Mushrooms: Effects, benefits, risks, and more

Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy (PE) is the most effective strain. This mushroom produces very thick and strong hitting’s. Many people know that the strain was first separated by a common mycologist.

The growth of this plant is very slow as compared to other plants but the fruitfulness of this plant is very large and huge it is produced in multiple quantities.

It is as powerful as always.  it can with different ways but offer the same benefits It contains extreme feelings of euphoria, intense self-examination, and thoughtful idea.

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The penis envy mushroom is potential, but the regular user is delighted with the result.

The noticeable features of this mushroom variety combine with a large, heavy, and commonly white and particularly thick stem and a soft, bulbous cap that is more curved and rounded from the surface than most other Psilocybe varieties.

Additionally, the lack of a veil separating the cap and stem usually encourages a bubbling change just below the mushroom cap that can look similar to a foreskin.

Penis Envy mushrooms are one of the most thick-skulled varieties of magic mushrooms. While they are typically smaller in height and more modest overall than other species, they still maintain significant weight due to their mass.

Magic Mushroom Potency Rank System

  • Lightly Potent (Mexican)
  • Moderately Potent (Golden Teacher, African Transkei)
  • Potent (Wollongong)
  • Highly Potent (Penis Envy)
  • Extremely Potent (Blue Meanie)

The strain used to improve the penis envy mushroom is associated with being a dominant one.

While there isn’t enough evidence to prove its strength, some consider it because penis envy is a mutant strain.

What are the benefits of eating psychedelic mushrooms?

There are multiple benefits of eating this mushroom. It can treat your depression and anxiety.

It is helpful for dealing with traumas and fears.  Many peoples are suffering a lot from mental disorders this product is the best option for them.


The mushroom and psilocybin supporter, the Penis Envy Mushroom, is an official champ for the most maximum. Cubensis strains, but it can be raised at home as well.

Moreover, psilocybin shrooms are the most regularly utilized stimulants for people ages 34 and more youthful.

What do magic mushrooms do to your nervous system?

Perceptual changes can cause the following transitions such as hallucinations, synaesthesia, and processing-sensitive modalities.

Visual Perception – You may feel changes in your optical knowledge, such as lights around lights and objects and geometric guides, when your eyes are closed.

Personal View – Your thoughtfulness and emotions will also begin to change.

Emotional Shifts – Strong sensations are often felt, ranging from good and harmful. Most suggest that you don’t suffer these emotions in either direction but rather let them work their way.

Reviews & Ratings:

Reviews regarding this mushroom are absolutely amazing for people of its results and above all this; it is highly appreciated for medical uses.

If produced active results it maintains all your mood swings. So you can easily buy from this website without any hard practice.


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